You’re everything a big bad Wolf could want.  Hoooowwwwwlllll!

My little sweetie-pie is going to be the cutest Little Red Riding Hood this Halloween.  I’ve been telling her the story all week to get her pumped.  If you ask her who wants to eat Little Red she immediately points to her brother because he has been playing the part of Big Bad Wolf.  

{Olivia is holding her Peachy Keen Doll, Emily, who also got her own Little Red Cloak}
I actually made two capes and I can’t decide which one I like best.  Both utilized this tutorial.  One used a thick polyester material, and I lined it with the same material.  That caused problems when trying to baste the top of the cape, so I added a pleat in the back instead.  However, the hood isn’t quite tall enough so doesn’t bunch like I had hoped, so I created a second one with fleece.  This ones hood is probably a little big, but it works fine.  Either one will work and will help keep her warm when the inevitable snow starts to fall, along with several layers under the dress!

The dress was made following A Room Somewhere’s Pillowcase Dress tutorial.  Super easy and super cute.

I also made the cute little apron to finish out the look.  My Little Red isn’t one to stand for pictures like her older Mermaid sister, so this is the best I could get!

Total cost: $18 (includes BOTH red cloaks).  I still need to pick up a pair of shoes that she can wear with it, but overall, a pretty inexpensive outfit.  And the best part – the dress can be worn again and again.