Now that I’m crocheting like a mad woman, I’m stocking up on yarn BIG time. This presents a problem though. How am I going to store it. For the last week I’ve just been shoving it into a shopping bag and leaving it on my craft table, but that really isn’t going to do long-term, now, is it?
So I do what most of us do when we need a little inspiration – search Pinterest.
Here are some awesome ideas that I found along the way:
I wish I had THIS yarn collection!
Easy Makes Me Happy had her husband build her this shelving unit to store her collection
 The Dapper Toad used a peg board for her storage solution. This could double as fun wall art too!

I do have my cubbies under my craft table that I could probably utilize like this… 
it will take some reworking of my space, but is probably the most realistic!
And to end I’ll share a few of my recent projects:
I added a skull and pom-pom to dress up my sons plain gray beanie.
He’s trying to nix the pom-pom (which may have made me die a little inside) though he hasn’t had me cut if off yet… I think he’s going to poll his classmates first. His coat is a gray and orange number from The Children’s Place, so this is the perfect addition. I followed the Skull Pattern from Kristin’s Krazy Knits. I’m also starting an orange cowl for him today using the tutorial by Love City Blog.
Don’t you love that cowl? I DO! I followed the Chunky Double Crochet Cowl Pattern by All About Ami.
So have I inspired you to try crocheting yet? I’m telling you, it is super easy and I honestly just love seeing a string take form and turn into something substantial! My daughter has been bit by the bug as well. She is working on her first project – a super adorable Knot Headband by enchantelle – it’s a video tutorial and easy to boot.
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