I’ll admit it. I’m a words lover.

I love to write. I love to talk. And I love, love, LOVE to read.

My husband…He’s not a words lover. He’s a watch-a-movie-and-snuggle with me kind of guy. And it’s wonderful.

But, sometimes, all I want is a thoughtful love letter left on my pillow. A surprise note in my purse. A sticky note on the back of my phone.

Or – most amazing of all…a well-thought out, impeccably written love letter. Every month. For twelve months.


Enter The Dating Divas!

The PERFECT gift for any spouse or significant other!Oh, just the thought of my husband doing this gets me excited! The world just simply needs more love in it, and, in particular – more beautifully written love letters. Think Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” style love letters. Yep.

“You have betwitched me body and soul”.

Yes. Just yes.

So why not invite your spouse to be part of the Love Letter of the Month club?

Shower them with twelve beautifully written love letters, one for each month of the year!

Suprise your significant other with a love letter each and every month - let's bring the love back!I sometimes think of Mr. Darcy with his quill pen, slaving over those amazing letters he wrote for Lizzy for hours on end. Well, guess what? Writing a quality love letter to your words-lover spouse doesn’t have to be tedious! The Divas have made it super easy, and they have thought of everything! All it takes is the winning formula:

Surprise your significant other with a spectacular love letter! Let us help you learn how.My favorite thing in this entire pack is the “anatomy of a love letter”.

Move over, Mr. Darcy. Your love letters have suddenly become super-doable!

The Anatomy of a Great Love Letter - help bring back the spark with this great printable packLook at these darling tips!

Tips & Ideas for writing the perfect love letter! Let's bring romance back!

But why stop at just love letters? They also threw in these darling printables to include a favorite treat with each letter! Oh, this product speaks to me… seriously. I would die if my husband woo’ed me like this all.year.long!

Love Letter Gift Tags - Woo your signification other all year long!Worried about writers block? Don’t be. They have even put in writing prompts, to get the creative juices flowing each month!And the STATIONARY! Oh, the stationary! Isn’t it just darling? Could you imagine love letters written JUST FOR YOU on this paper?

Woo your significant other all year long with this printable Love Letter Pack!Okay…how cute it this? They even included embellishments for a darling mailbox to put them in! Can’t you just picture this on the kitchen table, eagerly awaiting for your spouse one morning?

{Or…let’s face it. For me. I WANT THIS FOR ME. SOMEONE TELL MY HUSBAND.}

Love Letter Keepsake Box - bring the romance back to your relationship with monthly love letters! Come on guys - woo your ladies!Or – you can use their done-for-you wildly creative delivery ideas! Check out this love note balloon – isn’t it the cutest?!

Fun and unique ways to deliver a love note to your significant other!And these embellishments! I love that they can be used on so many things, besides super cute love letters! I’m thinking Valentine’s Decor…anyone else?

Surprise your significant other with a monthly love letter - let's bring the romance back to relationships!I seriously just can’t get enough of this product. Isn’t it gorgeously fun?

If you are married to a Words Lover, this is a MUST!

And guess what? It’s only $11.97!

I know…I can’t believe it either!

Download it today, and start sharing the love!

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