Most of you know that there is always at least one person on my list that I give cash to for Christmas.  I have younger siblings that tend to want cash because they are saving up for big ticket items, or want to go out with friends, etc.  But it isn’t in me to just put cash in a card, so this year (actually THIS MORNING) I created this mini pinata for my little brother.  I got the idea from One Charming Party, but I didn’t have paper cone cups on hand, so I came up with my own way!

Mini Gift Pinata - fun way to give money and other small trinkets!

Supplies needed:
Two sheets of {festive} patterned paper – I used 12×12 scrapbook paper
Hot Glue Gun

The first step is to create the two cones.  I rolled up my scrapbook paper, starting in the corner.
Once I got it the way I wanted it, I secured it with a bit of hot glue.

Then I cut straight across the paper to create the first cone.
I did have to trim it up a bit to get a straight edge, but it was easy.

Do the steps above again to get your second cone, referencing your first cone for size.

The next step is to create your streamer fringe.  I cut a length of streamer that could be wrapped around my cones several times.  Fold it up and then cut little slits on each side to create the fringe.
Set that aside.

Next you will cut a few strips of ribbon to create the loop to hang the pinata and also to add a bit of fringe at the bottom.  My loop piece was about 3″.  I then pushed it into the little hole at the top of the paper cone and secured with hot glue.  If you’re hole isn’t big enough for the ribbon, just snip off the tip.

For the bottom fringe I cut two 3″ pieces of ribbon, crossed them and secured with a dab of hot glue.
Folding it in half, I pushed it into the hole at the bottom of the paper cone and secured with glue.

Fill the two cones with whatever you want – I added cash, paper strips and paper confetti.

Now place your cones together – I was able to push one inside the other – and secure with hot glue.

The next step is to glue your fringe around the middle seam.  Just keep going around until you’ve used it all, securing with hot glue along the way.  Fluff to desired look.  You can add embellishments as desired.

That’s it, you’re done!
A fun and festive way to give a small gift!
I also put together this Dinner & A Movie Gift Basket for my brother and his fiance.

Inside is two sodas, two boxes of their favorite candies, a gift certificate to a local restaurant and a gift certificate to the movie theater.
I also made a fun little “admission ticket” to hold the theater gift card:

This little add-on was last minute too so I did it by hand rather than designing one on the computer, which is obviously my preference!