I finished my first Project Crochet project on Sunday! I know, I know, we just started and I’m already done. But that is the whole reason I chose 4 different patterns to try. 
I knew they were smaller ones that wouldn’t take me a month, but they were all ones I’ve been wanting to do! I was a little nervous about making a vest, but it turned out great! I ended up making a few adjustments, though I wish it was a little less wide since it is a bit big. It is suppose to be short, but I prefer long, so I did add a couple of rows on the bottom to add a bit of length… the in reality I would like it even longer.
If you want to give the Miner Vest a try, you can purchase the pattern from Rose Tung, an Etsy Shop.
The Miner Vest is SUPER warm and I love wearing it at home with leggings and a cotton shirt. VERY comfortable! I even did a small photo shoot out in the cold and I stayed pretty warm! I’ve decided I need to hire a live-in photographer… I took these shots with my camera sitting on the hood of my SUV (since my tri-pod somehow came up missing a leg), that was parked in front of the town hall as close as I could get! HAHA. I had a remote in one hand which is why my hand is always behind my back. You got to do what you got to do to get the perfect shot, right? Luckily no one called the popo on me lurking around the town hall on a Sunday!
Next up for me is the adorable little leg warmers for my ballerina… OK, so I actually already finished them, but I’m waiting to share them until next Saturday!
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Now onto you guys! Here are a few projects that you’ve tagged with #projectcrochet on social media:
Before you go I wanted to share the hat and scarf I made my son:
We receive lots of compliments on this little set. 
I love that it matches his Gray and Orange Children’s Place jacket. 
I used the skull pattern from Kristin’s Krazy Knits as an applique for a regular beanie that I added a pom-pom to the top of. The scarf pattern came from Love City Blog
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