I wanted to make my daughters a simple little hairpiece that they could wear for Valentine’s Day, and since you all know my new favorite medium is Crochet, I went with a crochet heart headband!

DIY Crochet Heart Headband

This crochet headband is super easy to pull off – definitely a beginner project. To make the headband, simply make a chain sized to fit around the person’s head.  Use a slip stitch to join into a circle and fasten off.

Now that the main part of the headband is made, it is time to add the hearts. If you’ve never made a crochet heart, they are really simple and work up really quickly. I found a great crochet heart tutorial for you to follow from HappyBerry Crochet on YouTube:

I made one big heart and one small heart and attached them to the chain headband over the connection point. Olivia chose to have two hearts though I would have loved to add a third, smaller heart on the other side of the big one… but this kid knows what she wants!

Now both girls have an inexpensive and festive headband to wear this Valentine’s Day and I had fun making them! Crochet is such a great way to pass the time and you end up with some amazing items once you’re done. Definitely my favorite new way to spend some quality craft time.