(Ready to run some errands!)

My youngest, Olivia, LOVES getting into my purse. If it is anywhere within reach she WILL find it and will empty its entire contents onto the floor.

I decided it was time for her to have her own little purse that she could tear apart.  So I made this sweet little purse:

 Nothing special – regular cotton fabric for the outside, flannel for a soft, cozy inside and some straps.

But what does a little princess carry inside her purse?

 Her cell (OF COURSE), a comb and a Twallet.  Wait, what?  What’s a TWALLET? A Toddler Wallet of course!  I took inspiration from my felt fairy wallet and made a simple, fold in half wallet with one large pocket for “bills” and two small pockets for her cards (what baby doesn’t leave home without a hotel key and Toy’s R Us Rewards card?). 

I then put together a few fabric bills using cotton fabric.  I appliqued ones onto the front of the bills, added cellophane sandwiched in between the two layers.  Sewed them together, leaving a 3″ gap along the bottom.  Turn them right side out, top stictch and you’ve got some fun, crinkly bills.

This is a great toy for her to use to imitate mommy, so it really keeps her attention.  I love to watch as she combs her hair with big smiles. 😉

Happy Sewing!