Mother’s Day is just around the corner (like THIS SUNDAY)…are you ready, my friends?

My mom (probably like most other moms), loves “trip-down-memory-lane” kind of gifts. I love giving her something fun, beautiful, and sweet…just like her! BUT – I don’t want it to break the bank, I want flexibility in what I do with it, and…of course…I wanted her to LOVE it – just like you all probably want.

In other words – mission: impossible.

But then…I SAW THIS from the gals at The Dating Divas!

Modern MOMents Printable PackPerfect, right? Those gals did the impossible!

They teamed up with Alexa at Alexa D Design to make this gorgeous and oh-so-unique gift. Isn’t is so much fun?

You take a normal composition notebook, and then turn it into something spectacular (which you all know I love to do!) with the help of these amazing printables…courtesy of the Divas!

Modern MOMents Printable JournalModern MOMents Mother's Day Printable PackSo! All you have to do is print and cut it all out, put it together, add in your own pics and memories…

Modern MOMents Mother's Day Giftand then wait for Mom to start shedding the tears!

My favorite part of this gift is that it keeps on giving! Each and every year, you can add a little bit more to her book to help her re-cap and highlight your year together. How awesome is THAT?! And just look at these embellishments!  Can’t get enough of these bright and fun colors!

Modern MOMents Mother's Day GIft Printable PackLet’s take a closer look at this awesome pack:

The pack comes with this darling instruction card to let Mom know what the scoop will be each and every year!

Mother's Day Gift IdeaNext, you can cover your once-regular composition book in these darling printables to add some extra love and pizzazz!

Mother's Day Gift Idea Printable PackThen, of course, it’s time to add some personality! Adding in these embellishments to the gift is what really makes it pop with fun, color, and affection!

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Mother's Day Printable Pack

Mother's Day PrintableLast but definitely not least, this beautiful bookmark will make it super-duper easy for Mom to find her place each year! I love this cute little poem, too!

Mother's Day Gift IdeasYour Mama is going to love this gift! It’s everything you’re looking for – sentimental, sweet, thought-provoking…oh, and have I mentioned that it is all for only $4.97? Yep, all for under $5!!!

Snatch yours up quick, and get busy with those scissors and glue dots!

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