Moving is hard. It stinks. Does anyone really enjoy it? Maybe a few weirdos out there! HAHA. We just moved from our home of eight years last July. We made it even harder by selling our old home quickly – so quickly our new house wasn’t finished being built yet. We ended up house sitting for some friends for three weeks and then living in our camper for another 5 weeks. Things had to go into storage for two months and it was a crazy jumble! We survived, but I think this Moving Organization Printable Kit from The Dating Divas (post contains affiliate links for your convenience) would have made life a bit simpler! If you have plans to move anytime soon, keep reading.

Moving Organization Printable Kit

The practical, yet darling designs in the Moving Organization Kit are the work of the fabulous Courtney, from the design shop Paperelli! Once you print off your own Moving Kit, you’ll find:     

Moving Binder Printables – An all-in-one place for your important documents, calendars and to-do lists!    
Packing Box Label System – Color coded stickers and signs to organize your boxes by room.    
Clever Packing Hacks – 3 pages of useful packing ideas and tips for all of that stuff you have to move!    
Moving Announcement Cards – Let everyone know you are off to new adventures with a cute postcard!    
Moving Help Thank You Notes – Moving is never a one-man job! We’ve also included thank you notes for your amazing moving helpers- couldn’t do it without them!     Welcome Home Print – Gorgeous printable art to frame and display in your new home.   
Sexy Box Surprise – Make the unpacking a little more fun for your spouse with a steamy note!

Let’s take a little closer look at some of these items:

Moving Binder

Making Moving a bit easier with this printable Moving Organization KitIt takes a lot of time and energy to stay organized while moving. As time goes on we tend to start shoving stuff into boxes, right? Help make your life a little easier with this handy dandy Moving Binder so you have everything you need in one place.

Packing Box Label System

Making Moving a bit easier with this printable Moving Organization KitMaking sure everything ends up in the correct spot once you’re moved is always a challenge. Try packing room by room and keeping everything organized with these Moving Organization Labels. When you arrive at the new house, it will be easy for the movers to see which box goes where by the simple label system!

Moving Announcement and Thank You Cards

Moving-Organization-Kit-Announcement-CardsMaking Moving a bit easier with this printable Moving Organization KitMake sure all the important people in your life knows your new address with these adorable moving cards! Simply pop them in the mail or hand out as you see your friends. And don’t forget to thank the poor saps that agreed to help you move! We also like to throw in a free meal – pizza party at our place! – so that they don’t feel totally used.

Seriously, this kit has everything you need to help make moving as painless as possible! Snag it all for only $9.97. Well worth the price when you think about all the sweat and tears you’ll be avoiding.

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