Family time is very important to me. Each day we spend a little bit of family time together – once a week we go to the gym as a family, we have a game night, a movie night, etc. My children are getting older and I want to enjoy as much time with them as I can! We have lots of board and card games, but sometimes playing the same games get old, so I put together a Printable Valentine Bingo Game to change things up. Bingo is an easy game and most people know the rules. To make it competitive and a little extra fun, we throw in a prize – such as a candy bar, or other treat.

Printable Valentine Bingo Game - great for small groups, family game night or a classroom activity!

This Valentine Bingo Game is good for up to 8 players plus a caller, perfect for a small classroom activity. It can also be played over Zoom for socially-distanced fun. Each person would need the printable and get assigned a board so that you don’t accidentally use the same ones on the call.

Ready to learn how to play?

Print the Valentine Bingo cards, available at the bottom of this post, and game pieces and cut them all out.

Find something to use as markers to mark off spots on the board when it gets called, for example: Squirrel or Moose. Coins or construction paper work well.

Just like in regular bingo, the middle spot is free, so put a marker over that immediately.

Have one person act as the caller. They pull the game pieces from the drawing pile and the players get to put a marker on that picture on their board.

Once someone has five in a row they shout out “bingo!” and win that round!

You can play best out of 5 wins, or whatever your group decides.

Tip: If you’re using this for a classroom activity, laminate the game boards so that they can be used with multiple groups and for many years of fun!

Printable Valentine Bingo Game

Printable Game Board

Download the Bingo Boards in pdf format.

Personal use only. Do not alter.

Save the Valentine Bingo file to your computer. Open the file in Adobe Reader and print it onto cardstock.

Cut out the boards and game pieces and you’re ready to play!

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