This viral scrunch butt flare jumpsuit has taken TikTok by storm… so I bought it to see if it was actually worth the hype. Spoiler: it is!

What is the Viral Scrunch Butt Flare Jumpsuit?

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The viral athletic jumpsuit is a fitted jumpsuit with a fitted leg with flared bottom. The top of the jumpsuit scoop neck, and the back is semi-backless. The most defining feature of the jumpsuit is the scrunch ruching at the back, which is designed to lift and accentuate your glutes.

Why is this Flared-Leg Jumpsuit so popular?

Here are a few of the things that I love about it:

Perfect Jumpsuit for the Gym!

It’s flattering. The fitted bodice and flared bottom of the jumpsuit can help to create an hourglass figure. The scrunch ruching at the back can also give your booty a boost – and it actually works. I’ve had scrunch butt leggings before that were held together by what looked like some sort of fabric tape, and when that fails, it looks terrible. This is sewn and place and really accentuates the rear-end.

Flared Leg Jumpsuit with Ugg's

It’s versatile. You can wear this flared-leg jumpsuit to the gym or style it for a day out running errands or hanging with friends. It can be worn with sneakers, or I like to wear it with my UGG Tazz Platforms.

Brown flared leg jumpsuit

It’s comfortable. The jumpsuit is made from a stretchy fabric that is comfortable to move in. Its length fits both my body and my legs without any uncomfortable riding up.

Backless Jumpsuit

For size reference, I’m wearing a medium and I’m 5’7″ and 150 pounds.

Is it worth the hype?

I apologize for the image quality – I recently had ankle surgery and am still in a boot and on crutches, so I’m grabbing screenshots from a front-facing video and it isn’t the best… some of these photos have a photoshopped right shoe, and others I took my CAM boot off (shh – don’t tell my surgeon!! But don’t worry, I didn’t put weight on my foot!).

So, is the viral scrunch butt flare jumpsuit worth the hype? I already answered this in the beginning, but yes, I believe it is. If you’re looking for a flattering and versatile one-piece that will make you feel confident, then it’s definitely worth trying. The only real negative I found is that it will wrinkle easily if it isn’t folded properly – so take it out of the dryer and fold it to prevent any wrinkles.

Black Flare Jumpsuit with Nike Air Max

I have several other athletic jumpsuits that cost well over $100, and this one is just as comfortable and flattering, for less than half the price. Although the material is thinner, so it may not last as long, I 100% love this Scrunch Butt Flare Jumpsuit and have already purchased it in black and in the new shorts version!

Black Flare Jumpsuit with Nike Air Max

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Brown Jumpsuit, Sweater, and Sneakers

Black Jumpsuit & Nike Air Max Sneakers

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Psst – I photoshopped my right shoe into place. haha I’m still in my cast and on crutches after achilles debridement and calf lengthening surgery, but wanted to share this jumpsuit with you. Did you notice before I said anything?!