Forget basic black leggings, it’s time to give Velvet Bell Bottoms the spotlight! Seriously. Imagine: rich, luxurious velvet swishing with every sassy strut, catching the spotlight like nobody’s business! For real, if you’ve been in any clothing store recently, you’ll see that velvet is coming back, and I decided to jump on board. They hug your curves in the best way possible, and trust me, they’re just as comfy as they are chic. Think endless outfit possibilities – a lace top with a peek-a-boo bra for a night out, or tuck in a crisp blouse with a blazer for a polished work look. And if black isn’t your jam, there are tons of fun velvet colors out there.

Velvet Bell Bottoms Outfit

My new evening out look includes these velvet bell bottom pants, a black bodysuit with mesh sleeves that is so soft and fits my long torso, plus a pair of cute suede heel boots. Depending on the event, I can add a little dazzle with a sparkly purse, or keep it casual and monochrome with a black clutch. I mean, it doesn’t get more comfortable than this for a night-out outfit! Forget sweatpants, these are velvet heaven.

But hold up, these aren’t your grandma’s bell bottoms! They’re a total statement piece, ready to turn heads and amp up the fun factor! Velvet instantly adds a touch of luxury to any outfit. It’s like wearing a built-in confidence booster. Throw on a pair of these pants, and any outfit becomes party-ready. No need for fussy accessories, the pants do the talking (though I still like to add some cute bangles and a dainty necklace to finish off the look).

Dressy Evening Out Outfit

I will note that these pants are long. I’m 5’7″ and I need heels so that they don’t drag. But that’s a plus because I can’t stand pants that are short in heels!

So what do you think? Are you ready to embrace velvet bell bottoms and add them to your 2024 wardrobe?

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All Black Night-Out Outfit

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