A BONUS FOR YOU – today we have an extra tutorial for the last day of Creativity Week!  I hope you guys have had a blast and have added lots of projects to your to-do lists!  This is the 16th and final tutorial of the week, so enjoy.
Hi seven thirty three readers! 🙂 My name is Christine and I’m From An Igloo. I have a sewing/craft blog where I hope to inspire others to create something hand made. Today I’m going to share my “Scrappy Belt” tutorial.
I love it when I can use fabric scraps to complete a project! My kids need belts. There isn’t any way around it. Even with the buttonhole elastic that comes in many pants these days often it doesn’t go tight enough for my skinny minnies. And, if they don’t have the elastic, they just aren’t wearable in our house.

This used to be a bit of a problem for us as there isn’t a single place in our little town to buy a child sized belt. Then it occurred to me one day that I could make them. Problem solved! You can too! Super fast easy project, takes almost no time at all. They take almost no money at all too which is even better. This belt cost me about 75 cents to make!
What you will need:
– Fabric scraps
– 1 1/4 inch D rings
– Medium to heavyweight fusible interfacing (not shown)

The first thing you need to do is choose some scraps and sew them together to create a long piece of fabric. Don’t worry about the width right now. It is much easier to cut your belt fabric from one sewn together piece of fabric than it is to sew little bits of fabric together that you have cut individually.

Now, I have used some pieces that I had leftover from a charm pack I used to make a skirt with last year but you can use any sizes of fabrics. You could go really easy and just use all one type of fabric too! This belt will only take a teeny amount of fabric.

You want to make sure your fabric is longer than the length you need. To determine the length measure your child’s waist and add 6-8 inches. For my Little Dude I add 6 inches, for my big girl (who is 6), I add 8 inches. You want enough length that you will be able to buckle the belt, have seam allowances and be able to have enough to go through a belt loop for growing room.

You have determined your length, so now cut a strip of fabric from your sewn piece that measures that length by a width of 2.5 inches. From experience most kids belt loops will only hold a one inch belt. I have measured pants from 18 mos to size 6 and this seems to be a common theme with most of them.

So, I am making a belt for my 6 year old. Her waist measures 20 inches (she is tiny). I am going to cut a strip of fabric that is 28inches (20 inches + 8 inches) by 2.5 inches.

Also cut a piece of fusible interfacing the exact same size.
Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric. Now press each long side in 1/4 inch and one end of your fabric in 1/4 inch and then another 1/4 inch.

Fold your fabric in half lengthwise wrong sides together. Make sure your pressed edges are turned in. Sew  down one long edge, one short edge and the other long edge. I sew in a little less than 1/8 inch.
Take your two D rings and put them through the end of your belt that does not have the finished edge.

Fold the edge in 1/4 inch and then over about an inch. Whatever you think looks nice. I sew in from the folded edge about 1/8 inch and then in again another 1/8 inch. If you choose to do one line of stitching make sure you go over it twice so it holds nice. Sew slow as this is thick!
You’re done! Now your little ones Levi’s won’t fall down!

Not to mention your kid now has a super cool belt! Much better than the ugly things they sell for kids! And, not only that, hand made is just better (at least I think so)! 🙂

 Thank you so much Kim for having me here today! I hope some of you will come by the igloo and say hi! 🙂

Christine has over 30 awesome tutorials on her blog, so go over and check her out!  I have featured a few here in the past.  I find so much inspiration from her and I know you will too.