I love when my kids get creative on their own! Sometimes it’s just a matter of throwing some paper, markers, glue and scissors their way and see what their little brains think up. Last week while I was doing a Facebook Live video my two kids were upstairs crafting on their own. My son had found a fun free printable and was working on that, while my daughter was making things from his scraps. The result of that crafting session is this adorable Paper Bunny Kids Craft! I figure if it comes from the mind of a child, other children would probably appreciate it as well. Plus, it is stinkin’ cute and I think it would also look really sweet as a napkin ring at Easter time.

DIY Paper Bunny Kids Craft TutorialTo make it a bit easier, I created a free printable template that you can print off and your child can recreate this hoppy little bunny! So let’s get to making a whole herd of bunnies, shall we?

DIY Paper Bunny Kids Craft Tutorial


Paper Bunny Printable Template
Glue Stick
Pink and Black Markers

DIY Paper Bunny Kids Craft Tutorial



For those that prefer written directions:

Cut out the bunny body pieces from the template. The template isn’t necessary if you don’t have ink. Just cut out a large rectangle for the body, two triangles for the feet and a couple of shapes that resemble bunny ears. 

Draw the face onto the middle of the body. Color the middle of the ears pink. Add toes to the feet.

Glue the two ends of the body together, creating a circle.

Glue ears to the inside of the body.

Glue the feet to the front of the body.

Glue on a pom-pom tail.

Now it’s time to get playing! I sure hope your little’s enjoyed this simple craft.