Want to know how I made the backdrop for my son’s Police themed party?
It is super easy with NO SEWING involved.
This would also be perfect for a Superhero theme.
I purchased 2 yards of blue cotton fabric and 2 yards of black felt.
I laid the blue fabric out and then I laid the black on top of it, a few inches down from the top.

 Using chalk I sketched out the buildings onto the black felt. 
If you can’t do this free hand or need a sample to base yours off from, do a cityscape image search on Google.
Next carefully cut out your buildings.
Once done, hot glue the edges of the buildings onto the blue fabric.

 Cut rectangles out of yellow felt and glue on to create the look of windows.
Stop by next week to see how I hung it and to see the full party details!
Happy Creating! ~Kim
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