This post brought to you by GoTrax. All opinions are 100% my own. Affiliate links included. We’re lucky to live in a small Vermont town where riding hoverboards can be done relatively safely. We have plenty of sidewalks throughout time, so when the kids decided to take their GoTrax Hoverboards and spread a little kindness around, I said sure. If you’re looking for some fun RAOK ideas, keep reading!

I strapped on my rollerblades and the kids hopped on their boards and we went on a mini-Random Acts of Kindness tour. Within a 3 mile radius we were able to hit up the kids school, a mailbox, and a convenience store!

The GoTrax HOVERFLY and HOVERFLY XL made getting around fun and easy. With their 7.4 MPH speeds and approximately 12 mile charge time, we were easily able to hit the places that we wanted to. Plus, the HOVERFLY XL has a Bluetooth speaker so we could listen to our favorite tunes as we traveled.

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness - Hoverboard Style

At the school we dropped some kindness rocks for the teachers and students to find. Don’t know what kindness rocks are? They’re rocks that are colorfully painted with positive words or phrases. When the kids went to school on Monday they noticed that all of the rocks had been discovered. Two were on the receptionist’s desk and they saw a couple on teachers desks as well!

At the convenience store car wash we attached some quarters to the vacuum and at the mailbox, we attached a couple of stamps. When it comes to RAOK ideas little things add up and we wanted to make people smile!

Check out the video we put together of our excursion:

RAOK Ideas

Get the Random Act of Kindness printable seen in the video and photo above so that you can spread kindness around your town!

Want to learn a bit more about the hoverboards seen in the video? Check out my how to ride a hoverboard post!

Have you ever received a Random Act of Kindness? Or maybe you were the one spreading the joy? Share your stories in the comments so we can share RAOK ideas!