My oldest child sleeps goes to sleep every night with a rice pack I made her a while back. She loves the warmth and snuggles with it. I decided it was time to make one for my middle child so he could snuggle up too. But instead of a boring old rectangle, I had a bit of fun and created this DIY Monster Hot/Cold Pack! 
I would like you to meet KiKi (My son named him):
(I want to apologize for the bad pics – I was having issues with my camera…)
Scraps of Fabric – Fleece, flannel and felt work well
Sewing Machine
I ended up using scraps of fleece, flannel and felt that I had around the house. I find that fleece is a good fabric for these because it provides a moist heat.
I free cut my shape – I wanted it more of a “blob” monster so that the rice can be evenly distributed when it is laid flat in the microwave.
Next I cut embellishments out of felt: white circle for the eyeball and a smaller black circle for the pupil.  I also cut out three red fangs and yellow spikes for the head. I laid them out on the monsters body to make sure it would all fit. Here is when you pin it if you are inclined.
 I, personally, didn’t want this to look perfect, it is a monster you know!  So I just winged it.
After adding the appliques I put the two pieces of fabric right sides together and straight stitched all the way around, leaving a 3″ hole in the side to turn and fill with rice.  I then used a zig-zag stitch over my straight stitch to ensure a secure hold and not allow any rice to wiggle out!


 Flip right side out. 
Fill with rice (I rolled up a paper plate to make a funnel and poured the rice through it into the monster) and voila!
You have a little monster rice pack!
Depending on the size of your monster you heat it for 1 – 2 mins in the microwave. Test yours out, starting with a lower time and adding more time until you get the perfect temp.
These can also be used as cold packs by sticking them into the freezer.  They don’t stay cold long (30 mins), but for a little one that is usually all that is needed!

Happy Monster Making