My son, Mason, turns 8 next month. He has been in Archery since he was 5. Since we have to be out of our current house the weekend after his birthday, we decided to make it easy and have his birthday party at the Archery Range where he takes lessons. Even though the party is all taken care of – the kids shoot for an hour and then there is a half hour for dessert and presents – I still wanted to put my stamp on things. But again, I have to keep it pretty toned down since most of my house will be packed up! To add my own flair, along with food and cupcakes, I decided to make some fun Archery Party Favors.

Printable Archery Party FavorsI’m going to put together a small goody bag and will be adding these Pencil Archery Favors to them. Simple, inexpensive and my son loves them.

I’ve made them available as a free printable in case anyone else is hosting an Archery Themed Birthday Party! They come 5 to a sheet. Simply cut them out, cut small slits and insert pencils, pixie sticks or glow sticks!

Printable Archery Party Favors

Download the Archery Party Favors Printable.

Personal use only. Do not alter.