My Roll-a-Games have been pretty popular and I often get requests for other versions. I’ve put together a Build a Robot, Roll a Reindeer, Roll a Jack-O-Lantern and Roll a Bunny and today I’m sharing Roll a Turkey! These games are quick and easy to play, help younger kids develop their math and motor skills and even K-3 graders enjoy playing them!

Roll a Turkey Children's Game Free PrintableTo build the Turkey you will need to print off the 2 page pdf that is available for download below. Cut out the body party of the Turkey. Get a die – if you don’t have one you can also Google “Roll a Die” and it will give you an electronic die! Simply roll and then match the number that you rolled with the number on the game board.

The first time my daughter played she rolled everything but a 1, so she had everything but the body. She thought this was HILARIOUS and said it looked like a bird with crazy hair.

I’ve been receiving messages from special educators and therapists that use these printables in their sessions and I LOVE hearing that. I made these for fun with my kids, but to hear they are being used as a teaching tool makes my heart swell! I hope you and your kids (or students!) enjoy.

Download the Roll a Turkey Game in pdf format

Free for personal use. Do not alter.