Last year I shared this over at CRAFT, and I never got a chance to share it here… I’ve been super busy working on my daughters room for the Cricut Design Space Star Challenge Finals and can’t share any of that until the end of January, so I thought I’d share these fun and easy interactive Valentines that your kids will have lots of fun with! I know mine did!
Printable Scratch Off Valentine Cards
Using some hilarious Valentine’s Day related jokes I whipped up some scratch ticket Valentines!
For example…
What did the owl say to his true love?
Any guesses?
No? Ok…
OWL always love you!
See! Funny AND guaranteed to put a smile on a kids face.
DIY Printable Scratch off Valentine
To start, download the free printable Valentine’s Day Joke Cards.
 To find out how to create the scratch off portion, follow my tutorial for creating a scratch off ticket.