I was recently chatting with a mom friend of mine and she told me that she wished she had business cards for her kids. Ones that could be customized to hand out for play dates and such. I listened, and then I took action! Check out the Printable Play Date Cards for Kids I created. Will you be able to put them to use? 

Printable play date cards keeps your kids social lives hopping!

These cards help to make play dates a tad bit easier in the new age of children hanging out. Gone are the days of simply hanging with a neighborhood friend, or randomly taking the bus to a friend’s house (at our school you aren’t even allowed to ride a different bus, even with a note!). Help your kids get some one-on-one social interaction with friends outside of school with these handy-dandy printable play date cards! The download can be found at the bottom of this post.

Printable play date cards keeps your kids social lives hopping!

I made two different versions of the play date cards that can be printed onto cardstock, cut out and customized with a pen. Since my son despises the term play date, we use “hang out” instead – hence the Let’s Hang Out card that is great for the older elementary/middle school set.

Printable Play Date Cards for Kids

This second set is geared toward the younger crowd – you know the one, they just gotta play, play, play!

Choose which card you want to use, print them out and fill out the three contact boxes. The middle box is for either phone or email, since we’re in the digital age… and sometimes we just don’t want to give someone our phone number!

Download the Printable Play Date Cards in pdf format.

Download directly to your computer and open in Adobe Reader, do not try to print from the browser as it may mess up the formatting of the file.

File is for personal use only. Do not alter.