Are you looking for a new Shelf Elf Idea? I have one for you! I like to find easy and fun things for our elf to do. I don’t like making messes that I have to clean up in the very short of time I have in the morning before I have to be to work. I don’t stress if the elf stays in one spot on accident one night, though I’m pretty good at making sure she at least moves to the next room (thanks to a reminder on my phone!). She doesn’t go all out every night, and when she does make big statements, they are usually easy to accomplish – like with today’s Christmas Mix-Up Game!
This might look like an over-achieving mommy, but it will take only a few minutes time to look like the best Elf on the Shelf mom around by putting to use my free printable Elf Party Game!
Elf on the Shelf Christmas Mix Up Party Game
Personal use only. Do not alter. I would love a link or tag on social media if you share an image with your Elves playing around!
How to put the board together: 
Print the pdf onto 8.5×11 cardstock. Tape the two pieces of the Elf Twister board together and trim as necessary.
Cut out the Christmas Mix-Up Spinner. I used a paper fastener and a safety pin to create the little spinning piece on the spinner. Flick that spinner and watch it spin! 

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