I am going to share the EASIEST DIY Princess Wand tutorial with you today. It takes just minutes to make and all of the supplies can be found at the Dollar Store.

DIY Princess Wand

I plan on having this as a craft station for all the little Princesses at my daughters upcoming Sofia the First Birthday Party.


9×12 Sheets of foam, or foam shapes




Hot glue (Elmer’s can work too if you have time to let it dry completely!) 

Princess Wand Craft

Cut out a star shape from the 9×12 sheet of foam.

Staple two pieces of ribbon to the foam.

Next, staple the ribbon and stars to the straw.

DIY Princess Wand

Glue a smaller foam shape to the front of the wand, covering up the staples.

That’s it! A super simple and super cute DIY Princess Wand! My daughter has been playing with hers non-stop and everyone is getting turned into frogs!