Graduation season is almost upon us. I don’t know about you, but I typically give a recent grad the gift of cold hard cash. They’re starting out on their new journey, whether it be college or the work force, and I like to help them out by providing something they can put to good use. But just because I’m giving cash doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a little fun! So I whipped up this Smarty Pants Graduation Card, which is my go-to card for all graduates. It’s playful and fun and reminds them not to take themselves too seriously!
Want to congratulate a new grad?Be a sweetie and wish them luck with this printable Smarty Pants Graduation card!
From preschool to high school, you’re never too old for a little candy!
Download the “Smarty Pants Graduation Card” pdf.
Download the pdf to your computer, open it with Adobe Reader, print it off, cut, fold and attach a Smarties Candy to the front.

NOTE: I realize these are not what Canadians know as Smarties! I heard loud and clear from lots of my readers when I posted my Smarties Valentine’s Card. I’ve never tried the Canadian Smarties, but they do sure sound yummy.

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