Sock Cupcakes are the perfect gift for teachers for the Holiday. I decided to make up several for my daughters teachers this year and I’ll be pairing them with a gift card to Amazon. These gifts are great for winter and only require a pair of fuzzy socks, some cardstock, a pom-pom and some hot glue!Sock Cupcake Handmade Gift Idea

Sock Cupcake Ingredients:

One pair fuzzy socks – I got mine at JCP for $4 for two pair.
One red pom-pom
Cardstock – to create cupcake liner and tag (I used a piece of 12×12 cardstock scrapbook paper)
Glue or tape

Sock Cupcake Directions:

Start by rolling up the pair of socks, I started at the toe and rolled toward the ankle portion, making sure to keep the bottom flat (so that the cupcake stands upright).

The image above is the top part of the rolled sock and the image below is the bottom – see how it is flat?
Once you are done rolling grab a rubber band, piece of yarn (or hair band) and secure your rolled “cupcake”.  I used two rubber bands.
Grab your cardstock and cut out a fancy design. I created a cupcake liner in my design program and converted it for use on my Cricut (affiliate link for your convenience), but you can draw and hand cut a liner pretty easily. Mine was 12 inches long and 2.25 inches high.

Wrap around the sock cupcake (if there are gaps along the top of your wrapper in some areas, that is OK, we’ll fix them in the next step) and secure with hot glue or tape.

If needed, gently push down the edges of the sock to make it look like it is “puffed” over the wrapper – fluff sock to make it look the way you want.

Next you want to fit the pom pom into the fold at the top.

You are done! If you want to fancy it up a bit, you can wrap it in cellophane and tie it off with some cute ribbon.
Fun and Easy Teacher Gift Idea: DIY Fuzzy Sock Cupcakes

I came up with this cute little rhyme and put it on a tag:

This cupcake is not to eat,
it was “baked” with love,
to warm your feet.
Sock Cupcake with Adorable Printable Tag

I’ve made three versions of the tag available for download – one that say’s “Merry Christmas”, one that say’s “Happy Holidays” and one that say’s “Season’s Greetings”.

Download the Sock Cupcake Gift Tag with Poem pdf

Cupcakes are also easy to make using this same concept with other mediums – think wash clothes, onesies, bibs etc!

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