Sometimes fun ideas just pop into my head… and this is one of those. My printable roll-a-Children’s Games, like this Roll a Love Bug Game, are pretty popular downloads. As I was thinking about those printables, I thought, “wouldn’t it be fun to have a Roll-a-Color version?” Basically, a coloring page where a die gets rolled and the artwork gets colored based on the number rolled? I love the idea of a patchwork colored picture all based on the roll of a dice and how no two would be the same! Without further ado, check out my Wacky Roll-a-Color Bunny Coloring Page!

Printable Wacky Roll-a-Color Bunny Coloring Page

The picture alone is cute, right? Two sweet little bunnies exchanging a gift. Of course, the picture can be colored as is, but if you prefer to get a little wacky, grab a die and some crayons, markers, or coloring pencils!

This would make a fun activity for an elementary classroom. If you’re looking for socially-distanced fun for a Valentine Classroom party, this is ideal! It is fun for at-home play too! And is great to use for number and color recognition for little ones! Learning while having fun? Win-win!

Printable Children’s Activity


Fun Printable Coloring Activity for Kids

Printable Coloring Activitypdf format, personal use only, do not alter. Download the coloring page to your computer and open it in Adobe Reader. Print however many copies that are needed onto 8.5×11 paper.
Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils


Give each child a bunny coloring page and a die. Don’t have a die? There are lots of roll a die sites online!

Instruct the child to pick a part of the picture that they want to color first.

Now roll the die.

Color the part of the picture the corresponding color. IE – if they rolled a 1, color the part PINK.

Move on to the next part of the picture, roll the die and color. Continue until the picture is done!

Printable Bunny Coloring Page Activity

If you have multiple children playing, hold up the finished artwork to show them just how different each piece turned out!

I hope you and your kids enjoy this free printable coloring page! I would love to hear how it was received!