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Apparently the original blue Dawn dish soap is a miracle cleaner. No, seriously. I’ve had a few issues with stains this past year and according to my Facebook readers, Dawn is the go to product!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen these images before:

Dawn as a Grease Stain Remover
I got a grease stain on my BRAND NEW dress from The Chic Orchid.
I was so sad, until my Facebook readers came to my rescue.
Use Dawn they said. I was skeptical. But no more. It worked!
I poured a little Dawn on the stain, rubbed it in and let it soak in water overnight.
The next morning I ran it through the wash and the food grease stain was GONE.
Dawn as a Stain Remover
Mix one part Dawn Dish Soap with two parts Hydrogen Peroxide.
I had a vomit stain on my brand new rug courtesy of my Shih-tzu, Mushu.
It was not a miracle worker here though… 
though if I had been home and the stain had been fresh, I think it would have been!
It did lighten the stain and really, no one but me notices it.
Dawn as an Oily Hair Cure
My tween daughter has been having an issue with oily hair.
Again, my readers told me Dawn would help. It is gentle enough for hair.
I haven’t actually tried this one yet since we started with every other day washing and using a dry shampoo in between, but if that doesn’t work, I’m going to give Dawn the good ole college try!
I did a Google Search to see what else was out there and this is what I found: 
WikiHow shares how to kill fleas with Dawn
Dawn Bubble Solution by Steve Spangler
A Whole Slew of Uses by One Thing by Jillie
Do you have any uses to add?