Weekly Meal Planner
As most of you know, I plan my meals on a weekly basis.  I originally created a Utensils and Buttons Weekly Meal Planner to replace my lack-luster computer paper list.  Because I loved that one so much I decided to make another one!  If you print out 52 inside pages you are covered for one full year!  Just bind it together (Staples or Fed-Ex Kinko’s does it for cheap) and you’ll have a great place for your menu planning.  And don’t forget the matching recipe book!  
Don’t you think these would make great, inexpensive gifts for any newlywed?

Download the Owl Weekly Meal Planner

I also have a matching Recipe booklet!

Download the Owl Recipe Book

The first page of the pdf are the covers. The second pages are to be used for categories. Print multiples of the third page, which is the recipe cards. Print everything out, cut in half and bind to create a great little place for all of your recipes.
UPDATE: I’m glad to see that so many people are getting a use out of my planner.  I have personally used the meal planner for two years now and it still works exactly the way I created it for!  AND since I have it bound, if I can’t think of a dinner I can flip back through the pages to get ideas.  

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Weekly Meal Planner | Black & White Weekly Meal Planner