Top 10 Reasons I Love My Cricut Explore!(Post contains affiliate links for your convenience)

As many of you know, I’ve been participating in the Cricut Design Space Star Contest the last four months, and even won round 4 with my Hot Cocoa Bar! Provo Craft, the brains behind the Cricut Explore sent me the machine and I fell in love. In preparation of their AMAZING Black Friday Sale (I’ll be posting the deal on my blog on 11/27!) I decided to give you a few reasons why I love mine so much… maybe the list will help you convince someone that this is a MUST-HAVE gift for you this Holiday!

#10: There are multiple mats of various stickiness for all of your project needs.

Cricut Explore - SmartSet Dial! No need to worry about what settings to choose! #9: You don’t have to worry about setting the blade depth or speed – the SmartSet Dial does it for you!

Cricut Explore has multiple storage compartments built INTO the machine!#8: There is storage for your most used tools right in the machine – including a space for your extra blades! AND the machine COMES in a storage bag!

Cricut Explore Bluetooth Adapter for WIRELESS cutting!#7: It can cut wirelessly – this is BIG… especially when you get to number 2! All you need is the Bluetooth Adapter.

DIY Leather Necklace and Earrings(Can you believe I cut LEATHER with my Cricut Explore?!?)

#6: It can cut TONS of materials including balsa wood and leather!

#5: It can print then Cut ANY image in Cricut Design Space—even your own!

#4: You can use all of your system fonts, even fonts that you download AND it has several fonts available to write – not just outlines, but actually writing!

#3: You can upload jpgs, svgs, pngs and cut for FREE!

Cricut Design Space iPad App#2: It is the only electronic die-cutting machine with an iPad app! The app is in Beta testing right now and looks SO amazing! Seriously. You can switch from your computer, to your iPad and back again – it’s SEAMLESS integration! The app will be available to everyone in January – talk about kicking the New Year off right! I cannot WAIT.

Using a Cricut Explore Pen to WriteAnd, drum roll please… For me, the most important aspect #1: It cuts, it scores, and it writes! And it can do it all at once! You can have two tools in the machine at once, so if you are scoring and cutting, it does it all at the same time. But what if you also want to use a pen on the same project? The machine pauses and then directs you to remove the scoring pen and insert the writing pen (and will even tell you what COLOR if you have more than one!) – how freakin’ amazing is that?!?

If my top 10 reasons aren’t enough… I’m sure if you are in the market for a cutting machine your biggest question is: Do I get a Cricut or a Silhouette?  A third party lab did some testing and you can check out their results of the big question of Cricut vs Silhouette!

Now I REALLY wish I could tell you what the awesome deal is, but I’m not allowed. So make sure to come back FIRST THING Thursday, November 27 for an amazing bundle deal that you WON’T want to miss. If the Cricut Explore is on your list but you’ve been waiting for the deal of the year… this will be it!