I’m very lucky that my youngest daughter attends a great daycare. I work 55 minutes away from home, and there are no preschools that provide transportation in our town, so logistically preschool just wasn’t going to happen. But our daycare works with the children on a regular basis and it has been a godsend. My 4 year old is a little sponge. She just loves to learn. If her siblings are doing homework, she is right there with them doing her worksheets. (For all three children we bought preschool level workbooks and worked with them at home to help with their letters, reading, writing, math, etc.) 

Uppercase/Lowercase Matching Game Free Printable
Olivia came home from daycare the other day with a bag of flashcards that had each lowercase letter and each uppercase letter and directions on how to play a matching game. She is pretty versed in letter recognition, but she loved the game and it helped her with quick recognition of each letter.  When Monday came and we had to send the game back, I decided to make her one of her own! My two younger kiddos used these cards in so many ways! They played the matching game, but they also used it for sorting colors, and I would say simple words (ie, Cat, Dog, Mom, Go, Dad) and she would sound them up and spell them using the letters.
Uppercase/Lowercase Matching Game Free Printable
You’ll notice I included lines on each card. Our school system uses Fundations as a way to teach letter formation, etc to elementary students which includes the sky line, plane line, grass line and worm line of writing. If you want more information on that, do a Google search for Fundations Letter Formation and you should be able to find tons of pdf downloads available. Olivia has been learning about these, which is why I wanted to make sure to include them.
The game is very easy to play, and for those children that are starting to work on letter recognition, this is going to be perfect. 
Uppercase/Lowercase Matching Game Free Printable
Directions are included with the pdf, but feel free to think up your own way to use these!

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