I love simple and fun activities for kids. We don’t always need to get fancy to find something that really strikes a cord with our children. This past weekend my kids were begging to do Arts & Crafts, so I grabbed out some markers, construction paper and wax paper and we began experimenting with what we could make.
We quickly realized that using markers on wax paper can create stamps! We were drawing on the wax paper and of course the markers wouldn’t dry completely, so I had the kids flip the wax paper over and rub the excess marker off. Imagine their excitment when they saw the reverse imprint on the paper! Plus, the rest of the marker still stayed on the wax paper, so really, two crafts for one.
My son titled his artwork “Random Rainbow”
We decided to make some sun catchers with the wax paper, so the kids got to drawing and stamping. I told them to use LOTS of color so that the sun could shine through the wax paper and really make their design pop.
After they were done that, we cut the middle out of construction paper and glued the paper border onto the wax paper creations and used washi tape to adhere them to our back door.
They were so happy with their creations. Have you ever done this before? Do you think your kids would enjoy it?
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