In just a few days, we are hitting the road for North Carolina (or BUST!). It is an 850 mile road trip that will take us about 15 hours. Of course I’m dreading that long of a ride, so I’m brainstorming ideas to keep my kids occupied. Originally my brother and his kids would be joining us, so I was all excited at the thought of the kids being able to switch up cars each time we stopped. However, they decided to leave a day early, which means that idea went out the window! We have three children that will be riding in the backseat, so what I do is designate a small bag to each child. This is known as their travel bag. We fill it up with items that will help keep them occupied. Beyond the obvious electronics (iPads, iPods, Gameboys, DVD players, wifi in the truck) I like to have other activities the kids can do. I have several of my own ideas, but I also searched around and found some other mama’s have come up with some pretty sweet ideas, so I’ve rounded up them up below.

Road Trip Activities to Keep Kids Occupied
The Road Trip Jar GameRoad Trip Game Jar \\ Maybe I Will

Printable Road Trip Activity BookPrintable Road Trip Book \\ The Benson Street

Road Trip Activity CountdownRoad Trip Activity Countdown \\ Small & Friendly

Printable iSpy Game

Free Summer Vacation I Spy printable! Answer key included as well — visit with

Printable iSpy Game \\ Live Laugh Rowe

Road Trip Lego BoxesRoad Trip Lego Boxes \\ Housewife Eclectic

Balloons Filled with PlaydoughBalloons filled with Playdough \\ Somewhat Simple

DIY Magnetic Busy Board

DIY Magnetic Busy Board \\ seven thirty threeDIY Kids Travel Activity BoardTravel Activity Board \\ B-Inspired Mama

Road Trip Drawing PromptsFree Printable Road Trip Drawing Prompts \\ picklebums

Magnetic Dress Up Doll Altoid Tin

DIY Magnet Doll \\ seven thirty three

Road Trip PictionaryRoad Trip Alphabet Pictionary \\ Lalymom

Loop Loom Tic Tac Toe

Loop Loom Tic Tac Toe \\ seven thirty three

(this could be two in one! The child could MAKE the board on one leg of the trip and then play the game afterwards! Bring along two different colors of buttons to use as game pieces if you don’t have to time to make X’s & O’s!).

Do you have any ideas to add? Share or link to them in the comments below!