One of the main things my kids love to do while camping is ride their bikes with cousins. They also like to make new friends. During a recent camping trip, my son, nephew, and two friends were riding bikes, and the next thing we know we hear these loud, motorcycle-like sounds. They had made a DIY Bicycle Noise Maker. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a video of the water bottle bicycle noise maker in action. This isn’t like a playing card in a spoke, I promise!

We’ve seen kids use soda cans to make their bikes make loud roaring noises. I told my son no because I was worried about the can having sharp edges. Apparently my son and nephew had the bright idea to use water bottles instead. Holy-moly! It really is a loud noise and kids think it’s the greatest. Within minutes, all kids in our vicinity had created DIY water bottle bike noise makers. They were having a blast with it and I bet your kids will too!

Make your bike sound like a motorcycle

(Try at your own risk. I am not accountable for any damage created by trying this trick. We haven’t seen any damage to bikes or tires or kids, but thought I’d throw that out there!).

Remove the cap and label from a 16.9 flow ounce plastic water bottle.

Shove the bottle between the back tire and frame of the bike. Really get it scrunched in there. Hop on your bike and take it for a spin!

It’s easy to see why kids get a kick out of making their bikes sound like a dirt bike or motorcycle. It’s harmless fun and gets them out and active, so I say go for it… just maybe keep it to a respectful time of day so as not to annoy the neighbors!

Optional: Mom and Dad – go buy some ear plugs!

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