Summertime is coming and along with it the lovely weeds known to Mother’s and children everywhere – Dandelions. Dandelions always remind me of my childhood and I loved sharing fun childhood games with my kids such as “Mommy had a baby and it’s head popped off” and how you “like butter” if your chin glows yellow when you hold a dandelion under it. But one of my all time favorite things to do on a hot, lazy summer day was curling dandelion stems! 

Did you curl dandelion stems as a child? It is so cool watching them curl up, and then you can play with them, craft with them, use them in dandelion crowns. It’s an overall fun kids craft.  Your kids will think you are the coolest parent ever for sharing this fun little trick. 

How to Curl Dandelion Stems 

Pick a Dandelion – the longer the stem, the bigger the curl!

Pop the yellow head off the stem. “Mommy had a baby and the head popped off!”
Split the stem in half. If the stem is really thick, split it into 3rds or 4ths. Split down the entire length of the stem.
Place the split stems into a bowl of water and watch the curling dandelion stems with amazement!
 Sit back and watch as your kids use their imagination while outside getting fresh air!


My children would place flowers and grass and clovers in just to see if they would float, sink, or doing anything special. They got excited each time they tried something new. We ended with a bowl of “soup” and always had a fun time.