Remember the MOTHER print my siblings and I gave to our Mom for Mother’s Day?

You know, this one: 

We also did one for my Dad for Father’s Day:
Did I ever share how I made the inexpensive letters, rather then spend $3-5 on wooden/cardboard letters?  No, well let me tell you how.
I bought several white sheets of foam.  You know, the cheap stuff at most craft stores?
I printed out letters on the computer (as big as I could get them to print on a standard 8.5 x 11 piece of paper).  I cut them out, traced them onto the foam and then cut them out with an exacto knife.  All of my letters cost me a TOTAL of $3.00.
(These letters were thrown into (and have been sitting inside) a drawer for a couple months so they may be a little worse for wear, but did you see how nice they look in the pictures above?!?)
So if you are looking to photograph someone with letters don’t spend tons, grab some foam sheets and save yourself some money!
And I accomplished ONE of the two tasks that I was hoping to do last week.  Check out my newly edge landscaping! We just planted the grass seed and now need to get some mulch and some pretty flowers for around the tree.  It looks so much better than the forest that was there before (sorry no before pic – just too embarrassing)! I can’t wait for the grass to grow in!
And guess what else?  My Husband is AMAZING and managed to pull strings and get me my Mother’s Ring ON MY BIRTHDAY! It wasn’t due for another three weeks.  So without further ado, check out my custom designed ring:
Isn’t it gorgeous?  I love it.  Thanks Hun!