SkinnyPop Popcorn challenged me to come up with a delicious and healthy summer time treat using their delicious popcorn, and I rose to the challenge with some delicious dark chocolate dipped apples and popcorn! I’m always looking for healthier snack options for the kids and this fits the bill nicely. A small amount of dark chocolate is suppose to have some health benefits, so this totally counts as a healthier snack option compared to all the sugar filled snacks in stores. This is a simple, yet delicious snack that both children and adults love. It’s a bit savory and a bit bitter and totally tasty! Tip: Don’t love dark chocolate? Try using your favorite greek yogurt instead! 

Chocolate Dipped Apples with Popcorn Summer Time Treat


1/3 regular bag dark chocolate chips
1 cup Popcorn
2 Sliced Apples


Chocolate Dipped Apples with Popcorn Summer Time Treat

There are a couple of easy ways to make this. The first is with a fondant pot. Melt the chocolate in the pot, set up some sliced apples, crushed SkinnyPop Popcorn and some skewers. Guests can skewer an apple, dip it in the dark chocolate and then into the crushed popcorn. Served warm and gooey, the chocolate adds just the right amount of bitter!

The other option is to prepare the snack and serve, ready to eat. I prep these right before serving so that the apples don’t brown, but if you plan on having them sit in the refrigerator a bit before serving, dip the apple slices in lemon juice first.

Pour 1/3 bag dark chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl. Place in microwave for 1 minute. Remove and stir. If not fully melted, place back in microwave for 30 second bursts. While the chocolate chips are melting, place 1 cup of popcorn into a freezer bag and crush it using the back of a spoon. Once completed, pour into a bowl.

Dip apple slices into the melted chocolate and then into the crushed popcorn. Once all the slices are covered, serve or refrigerate.

Chocolate Dipped Apples with Popcorn Summer Time Treat

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