Guys. I had so much fun coming up with this Shirley Temple Bark! Shirley Temples are a family favorite. Every now and again I’ll buy all of the ingredients and will surprise the kids with Homemade Shirley Temples. Recently I was chatting with a friend about all of the fun bark recipes out there and mentioned how I haven’t seen any cherry versions. As soon as I said it I thought of Shirley Temples and bam! The idea was born. This stuff is so delicious and fun! It has a sweet taste with a bit of zing that kids and adults can both enjoy. It would make a great conversation piece at your next gathering!

Delicious and fun Shirley Temple Bark RecipeI managed to work in the cherry and the lemon lime flavors that combine for a fun pop of flavor. Without further ado, let’s get to the recipe!


Cherry Pop Rocks (I was not able to find actual pop rocks, but found these Angry Bird versions at Toys R Us)
Red Melting Chocolates
Lemon Heads
Lime Jello


Prefer written instructions? Read on:

Delicious and fun Shirley Temple Bark Recipe

In a microwave safe bowl, place the chocolate melts in the microwave for 1 minute. Remove and stir and then continue to put back in for 30 second bursts until completely melted.

Stir in a half a box of Lime Jello (if you want a stronger lime taste, go ahead and use the whole box)

Cover a cookie sheet with wax paper and pour the chocolate mixture on top, spreading it evenly.

Pour a package of Pop Rocks over the top.

Place some Lemon Heads into a baggie and break them up by hitting them with the back of a spoon. Pour them over the top.

Place in freezer for one hour. Remove, break up and serve.

Delicious and fun Shirley Temple Bark RecipeI think my favorite part of this is the popping of the Pop Rocks when you pull the bark out of the freezer! Keep an eye open because they do go rogue and pop right out of the bark occasionally!