I have come to the realization that I am horrible when it comes to recording (photographing) the projects that I have done. I was looking through my pictures to post into this blog and realized that I missed many of the fantastic items I had created for my sons first birthday… and it is a real shame. My new mission is to make sure I photograph EVERYTHING so I can look back at it years from now and say, oh yea – I remember that!

As I mentioned previously, I have been notorious for making crowns for kids parties and the kids always love them. Below are some of the different ones I’ve done over the years.

They are very simple to make. I use Adobe Illustrator, obviously most people don’t have this at their disposal, but it is possible to make these in both MS Word and Publisher easily enough. I print them onto 11×17 cardstock… usually this isn’t long enough to wrap around an older childs head, so I also print an extender piece on the same piece of cardstock. (See image below).I like to add embellishments and names to make them more unique, but they are cute plain as well. And of course, if you prefer you could always just cut out a crown from white cardstock and let the child decorate when they arrive at the party!

And since I’m on the topic of parties, I’m going to share a few pictures of items from my sons first birthday. It was a terrific day (80’s, clear sky). I went with a circus theme and had a couple of “circus tents” pitched in the yard to provide shade. We had a ball pit, a kiddie pool and a slip n slide. I had popcorn boxes (purchased at local supermarket) filled with popcorn and we also did face painting (with the sticks which are a lot easier than using a brush). I added special little touches to the goodie bags which were just plain brown lunch bags, but I added a sticker of the child (whom I had turned into a clown on the computer – see pics below). I also wrote and illustrated (all done on the computer – I’m a graphic designer) stories for each attendee… I included pictures of the child throughout the book (in picture frames on the cartoon childs wall, etc. I printed these out and spiral bound them – see next post).

(My SIL took the stickers off her kids bags and put them on her fridge! )