Looking to add some monstrous elements to your monster bash birthday party? A DIY monster party photobooth is the perfect way to keep little monsters entertained and  also capture some adorable photos. This post will guide you through creating a cute-not-scary monster photo prop that will have your party guests pretending to be monster snacks!

Meet Mo, the star of the show!

DIY Monster Photobooth

Mo, our friendly purple polka-dotted monster, is the centerpiece of this DIY photobooth. Standing next to Mo is fun, but the real fun comes from the option for kids to pose as if they’re being gobbled up by this silly creature!


DIY Monster Photobooth

If you bring him chocolate cake he will be your friend and let you give him a hug, but beware!  If he deems you unfit he won’t hesitate to gobble you up.

Monster Party Photobooth

Now I know your little one will want their very own Mo, so let’s get right into a tutorial, shall we?

Monster Photo Op Prop

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own Mo:

Spray Adhesive
2 yards of fabric (or more depending on the size of your monster)
Sheets of foam for eyes and spots
Thick Cardboard (or a sheet of wood would work as well)
Knife or razor blade
Duct tape or Hot glue (optional)

Freehand the outline of a monster onto cardboard.  I used a piece of cardboard that came in the bottom of a chair box, so it was double-thickness and super sturdy.  If you are only creating a stand-up Mo, and not a hungry Mo, regular cardboard should be fine.  For a hungry Mo (one where the kids pretend they are being eaten), then you want something sturdy that will hold up to little hands pushing and pulling.
Next, cut out the shape of the monster from the cardboard. I used my carving knife which had never been used and had been sitting in a box for 7 years, but a box cutter should do the trick. Cut out the mouth too.
Spray adhesive all over the front of the cardboard shape and let sit for a short period until it turns tacky, following the instructions on the spray adhesive.
Lay the fabric over the cardboard and stretch it across, smoothing it in place.  The great thing about the spray adhesive is that the fabric can be repositioned as necessary.
Flip the cardboard over and spray the edges and back side.  Stretch the fabric around the edges and stick to the back.
Remove any excess fabric. I wasn’t worried about it being pretty, since the picture is taken from the front.
Flip the fabric-covered cardboard back over and cut a slit in the fabric about an inch or two down from the top of the mouth. and cut along the top of the mouth. Spray the inside and back edges of the mouth and fold the fabric up and stick it to the back.
Next, cut out the middle of the mouth, leaving about 2 inches along the edges away from the cardboard.
 You will need to make some notches in the fabric so that you can smooth the mouth out and stick the fabric to the back of the monster.  If you make a mistake you can always use some of your fabric scraps to cover any exposed cardboard.
Next, add a black piece of fabric draping down the back so that you can’t see through the Monsters mouth.  I didn’t have a big enough piece of black fabric, so I stuck two pieces together using duct tape and then taped that to the back, about 5 inches above the mouth.
NOTE: I was using fabric I had on hand, but if I was to do this over, I would have purchased a large piece of black fabric so that when the kids were underneath, there was enough material for them to bunch up and put behind them. Much of the time the kids had the fabric off to the side so we could see through because there just wasn’t enough fabric. Not a huge deal, but something to think about if you make this photobooth.
Lastly, cut out monster eyes and pupils from craft foam sheets. Use the spray adhesive to stick the pupils to the white eyes and then adhere those to the front of Mo.
To make Mo stand, we cut two pieces of wood, at an angle, and nailed them into the front of Mo on either side. We covered the nail heads with spots on the front of him. THe bottoms were placed snug into the ground and he didn’t move once at the party.

With a little DIY magic, you can create a diy monster party photo booth that will be a highlight of your child’s monster birthday party. So grab your cardboard box, unleash your creativity, and get ready to capture some monstrously fun photos!