Hello friends! It’s Kelly from Here Comes the Sun.  How was your Thanksgiving? Now that the turkey has settled, I have a beautiful Christmas craft to share with you today.. a Coffee Filter Christmas Wreath.

This coffee filter Christmas wreath is easy to make and looks stunning!

 I love making wreaths. My front door always has some sort of wreath on it. I have amassed quite the collection of Christmas Wreaths as wel. This coffee filter wreath takes some time but is not complicated. You will need a 12″ styrofoam wreath form, a couple packs of coffee filters, hot glue, a pren and a few Christmas wreath decorations.

To begin, put on your favorite tv show and settle in. The process is pretty repetitive so it is easy to do while you relax at night. First, wrap a coffee filter around a pen and put some hot glue on the end of the filter.


Press the filter onto to wreath form, hold it there for about 10-20 seconds and then remove the pen.


Got it? Now… do that over and over and over. And over until the entire wreath form is covered. After you finish gluing all the coffee filters, there might be some areas of your wreath where the filters stick out further. You can just use scissors trim these areas back.


Next, take the Christmas wreath decorations, spread the coffee filters apart a bit and stick the decorations down into the styrofoam. Use hot glue to attach these if needed.


I love how this wreath turned out. I love how simple it is and when Christmas is done, you can remove the decorations and use it for a regular winter wreath and for other holidays.

This coffee filter Christmas wreath is easy to make and looks stunning!


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