Did you ever make Cootie Catcher’s, also known as Fortune Tellers, when you were a child? I certainly did and they were usually filled with silly saying’s like “PU! You stink” or “You’re going to marry a bus driver and have 6 kids!” I love bringing things back from my childhood but adding a new twist to them. So today I’m going to share a twist on this old classic. Let me introduce to you Cootie Catcher Challenge! This is a perfect boredom buster to keep kids occupied in the car or while waiting at a restaurant.

Cootie Catcher Challenge Printable Kids Game

Cootie Catcher Challenge has 16 challenges, riddles and brainteasers printed within it’s flaps, and it’s sure to get kids giggling! Designed for kids ages 6+. I handed the Cootie Catcher Challenge to my three children and they had a blast. We found that my 15 year old has an infinity for riddles, as she got every.single.one.correct. The challenge where you have to sit in a chair and rotate your foot clockwise while drawing a 6 with the same side hand had all of us cracking up! The next the kids start saying “We’re borrreeddd!” print off this game and hand it over to them. Sit back and enjoy the silliness that ensues.

Cootie Catcher Challenge Printable Kids Game

Ready to learn how to play Cootie Catcher Challenge?

Cootie Catcher Challenge Printable Kids Game

Download the Cootie Catcher Challenge Printable Game. Personal use only. Do not alter.
For two or more players.

Open the game in Adobe Reader and print onto regular paper.
Cut out the game piece.
Follow along with the video below to fold into a Cootie Catcher:

To Play:

Cootie Catcher Challenge Printable Kids Game

One person holds the Cootie Catcher, while the other player chooses one of the four colors. The person holding the game then spells the color as she opens and shuts the game piece. Once she is done spelling the color, she shows the Cootie Catcher to the other player, who then chooses one of the available numbers. The person holding the game then counts to that number while opening and shutting the Cootie Catcher. Once she is done counting, she again shows the game to the other player, who once again picks a number. This time she lifts the flap of the number that was chosen and asks the other player if they want Challenge 1 or 2. Once the challenge is selected, she reads the challenge and the other player has to answer or do the challenge. Once the challenge is complete, the players switch roles.

Competitive Play: If you want to keep score, keep track of how many challenges a person successfully completes or how many riddles are answered correctly. The person with the most points wins.

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