Hi, I’m Kate from The Small Things Blog and I’m going to be sharing a simple Felt Ruffle Flower Tutorial with you today. A little felt ruffle flower can be a lovely addition to a gift, a necklace, a belt, a pair of ballet flats, etc! And it’s pretty simple to make!
Felt Ruffle Flower Tutorial

How to Make a Fabric Flower

All you need is:
Hot Glue gun
A pin, or alligator clip
Here is how to make a cute little Ruffle Flower!
Hot glue gun

Plug in your Hot Glue gun to let it warm up.

Cut felt circles to make your ruffle flower

Next, cut out 1.5″ circles of felt. If you want a bigger flower, make bigger circles.

Making a felt ruffle

To ruffle the “petals”, place a dot of hot glue in the center of a circle.

Making a felt flower petal

Squeeze the felt together and hold in place for about 10 seconds.

Making a felt ruffle flower petal
DIY Felt Flower Ruffle

Place the corners of the ruffles under something heavy so that they dry and stay together.

Making a felt ruffle flower
Felt flower petals

Attach the ruffled petals to a single felt circle by placing a dot of glue at the base of the ruffle.

Attaching fabric flower petals


Attaching fabric flower petals

Continue all of the way around, overlapping slightly as you go!

Attaching fabric flower petals

Continue in a spiral pattern until you fill in the top section.

Attaching fabric flower petals

Attach a pin with hot glue onto the bottom of the ruffle flower.

DIY Flower Pin

Now you have a beautiful felt ruffle flower ready to add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe! Whether you use them as hair clips, embellishments for clothing and shoes, or to create a whole bouquet of blooming felt flowers, the possibilities are endless. Felt is a forgiving and inexpensive material, making this craft perfect for beginners and seasoned crafters alike. So grab your felt scraps, unleash your creativity, and get ready to see these little felt flowers bloom!

Felt Ruffle Flower Tutorial

I hope you enjoy this little project! And thanks for letting me share.