Hey there!
I am so very tickled to be here at seven thirty three—a creative blog! And to be a part of Creativity Week – over the moon about it! So, who the heck are you talking to…I am Holly, and 504 Main is my home away from home where I entertain, cook, create. I have a vintagey, beat up, discarded, slightly French, yet very American aesthetic {confused?}.I LOVE repurposed crafting and creating. I prefer to use unusual materials to create beautiful projects, like my screen wreath, or my biscuit table. The crazier, the more unexpected, the older, the odder, the more beat up something is, the more likely I am to be inspired by it.

Hope you enjoy checking out my Ruffle My Screen Wreath! A Big THANK YOU to Kim and seven thirty three—a creative blog for having me today! Come on by and say “Hi” at 504 Main.

Click HERE for a pdf tutorial
*Wreath form {I used a dollar tree form, 9” – Straw, because that is what I had. You can also use Styrofoam}
*Paint {for wreath form} – I used gray spray paint to match the screen.
*Hot glue gun and glue sticks {or regular glue and A LOT of holding and patience.}
*Screen – 28” x 84” Brite Aluminum Screening
*Pearls {crystals, buttons, your choice} – I used a bag of mixed pearls from the craft store – cheapo ones, not necessarily jewelry making quality. I also used the range of colors in the package rather than just one color.
*Nylon Thread
*Gloves, optional – to protect you hands
***NOTE***The screen is pokey and can hurt. I did not wear gloves, but you may want to.

1. Paint the wreath form gray or silver to match the screen color. Let dry.

2. Cut 4-5 strips of screen approximately 7.5” wide and the width of the screen       {28”)
3.Lay the screen flat. Fold one edge of the screen up approx. 1/2”, and then up another 1/2”. Slightly unfold the second fold – it is a guide.
4. From the opposite edge fold the screen until the bare {unfolded edge} meets the crease {where you folded up the ?”}.
5. You should now have a double thickness length of screen about 3 “ wide {with protected edges}.
6. Repeat with all 4-5 lengths of screen.
7. Now we are going to ruffle – actually almost pleat the screen. Good news is the screen holds it’s shape really well…so this part is easy.
a. Accordion fold back and forth in about 1” folds the length of the screen.
      b. Repeat on all lengths.
c. I found ruffling each piece separately worked better – easier to handle than having them all joined. You could join them all before you ruffle if you want {step 8}
8. Once all the pieces were ruffled, I joined them together by folding the edges of the ends onto one another {I promise I will add some photos}. This kept any pokey edges concealed. A quick shot of hot glue helped hold it too.
9. At this point take your length of screen and place it around the wreath form. This is where you make your final determination how ruffled you want your wreath to be and can cut off what you do not need/want. I used 4 ? lengths of screen for mine. DO NOT GLUE IT YET.
10. Grab a needle and the pearls – Thread the needle with a long length of nylon thread. You also want to leave a long length of thread at the beginning for tie off when you are done {secure it while sewing the pearls on}.
a. Begin by going through the first pleat, about ?” from the top fold. {see above photo}.
b. String one pearl and then go through the second pleat. Continue sewing and adding pearls until the wreath is complete. You are essentially sandwiching one pearl in between each pleat.
c. You can pull for tightness and ruffling as you go, but be sure to keep your beginning tail of thread secure – you do not want to pull it through.
d. This will also be how you make you screen form the circle for the wreath.
e. When you get to the end, lay your wreath on the form, just to be sure and then tie off the ends. Because the thread is clear, I also sewed it off around the piece of screen a few times.
11. Now it is time to hot glue the screen form to your wreath form. I used generous amounts of hot glue to ensure it stayed.
12. For the hanger, I used a piece of floral wire and attached it to the back. Ribbon would also work really well.
Embellish the wreath any way you want! This blue flower is actually a pin, but the sky is the limit! Who knew screen could be so fun!
 Or that it could look  so pretty!  I love the look of this!  Thanks for sharing Holly.