I found a $6 necklace at walmart and LOVED IT. It had 6 chains.
I took 2 off to make one of the necklaces, and used the rest for the other necklace.

Simple…fun….easy…here we go.
My stuff…
The fabric flower you see, is four layers of material stacked from biggest to smallest. The bottom and top peices are silky ivory colored fabric (from a bed skirt), and the middle two pieces are brown tulle.

I stacked the 4 peices and put a hot glue dot in the middle and folded it in half.
Then I put another hot glue dot on the middle edge and folded it in half a second time…

I opened it and glued 3 small pearls in the middle and glued a brown ribbon-bow behind it. (this CAN all be done by hand sewing if you want to avoid glue burns)
I glued the flower on one of the chains and glued a strip of ribbon on the back and over the chain onto the flower to hold it in place.

SO simple!
SO stunning!
I took one of the chains, I removed from the necklace, and folded it in half to find the middle point and then I folded my vintage lace in half to find the middle and then I stitched the lace (starting in the middle working out) onto the chain. I found this idea at Ruffle n Stuff!
The back view of it sewn on…
The front…
It was missing a little sumthin sumthin, so I added an embelishment! I LOVE this beautiful lady! I found her (and a few others) at the DOLLAR TREE glued onto little shot glasses. Hmm, I think I found a better use for em.

But then it STILL needed sumthin.
ONE MORE RUFFLE of lace will do er!
(I sewed it onto the first ruffle)
(the embellisment looks goldish, but it’s not, it’s more silver-colored than the chains)