I decided that my kids needed a puppet theatre for all of their fun finger puppets that they have been making.  I didn’t want to buy or build anything, so I decided to construct one out of a cardboard box.
First I cut a window and added a wood dowel along the top to hold the curtain I made out of red scrap fabric.  I left the back flaps so that the kids can hide inside the box (I don’t exactly fit in the box, so yes, that IS my head you see in the pic above!).  I also added a small flap that I cut off the box. I folded it over the bottom of the opening for the “Now Playing” flap where the kids can tape their Play Posters! 
My kids haven’t had a chance to decorate it yet, but I know it will look super special once they have!  In less than 15 minutes you can make your kiddos a puppet theater and puppets!  I also thought of laying the box on its side and cutting out the hole so more than one child can fit in.  Then all you have to do is lay it on its side on a table and voila!

Happy puppeteering!