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Since we had the 4th of July off and I had the kids, we decided it would be fun to surprise them with a trip to The Great Escape Six Flags!  If you find yourself in New England and are looking for something fun to do, I recommend checking out the Great Escape Six Flags in Lake George, NY. Being from Vermont, there aren’t a whole lot of amusement park options for us, so growing up, making the trip to Great Escape was always a fun experience and this trip was no exception!

Wednesday night we prepared the kids by telling them we made plans for Thursday and that I would be waking them up at 5:40 to leave the house for 6:00. While I was putting Olivia to bed, Mason was pestering Todd with questions… and apparently Todd is a push over and totally told Mason the surprise. It was their little bonding moment though and Mason was so proud to be in on the secret. Both kids when right to sleep and the next morning I woke them up… and well, you can watch our day in the video we made above!

Our July 4th day trip to Great Escape SIx Flags in Glens Falls, NY!

As you can see, it was a super fun day trip for all of us! I enjoyed surprising the kids and spending some time outside, in the sun and away from electronics. 

Our favorite part of the trip, by far, was Hurricane Harbor, the water park. It was a 90 degree day, so the water was welcome. The park did a great job with setting up misting stations to cool people off as well. Our one complaint with the water park was the concrete. We left our shoes in a locker, which is located outside the water park entrance, thinking we wouldn’t want them in the park. But boy were we wrong! The pavement really hurt our feet – towards the end it almost felt like little rocks were embedded into the pads of them. Plus the pavement was scalding hot. So take note! Do not leave your shoes in the lockers! Bring flip flops, or even water shoes, that you can leave at the bottom of the rides. Your feet will thank you!

The boys and Olivia each wore their bathing suits to the park, while I brought mine in a bag. There are lockers to rent – $16 for a regular, $17 for a larger one, and you get them the whole day. They don’t require a key, you get to set a pin, which we found convenient. 

Foam Party at Great Escape Six Flags

Because we went on the 4th of July, we got to experience the Coca-Cola July 4th Fest. By bringing a Coke product to the gate, you can get into the park an hour early for exclusive ride time! They also had foam dance parties, and if you watched the video, you’ll see was a great time, and nightly fireworks. Since Todd had to work Friday, sadly we didn’t get to stay for those, but I’m sure they were fantastic! Along with the early park entry, we also were able to have a sampling of Coke Dippin’ Dot Floats! And we could sample all of the many flavors of Coke at the Coke Misting Tent. Of course the kids enjoyed that experience! 

Our July 4th day trip to Great Escape SIx Flags in Glens Falls, NY!

If you’re looking to visit the Great Escape, I definitely recommend checking out their website prior to your visit. It has all of their upcoming events and specials, like ways to enter the park early, plus you can purchase your tickets online and save. Parking was $20, and fairly easy – just park and walk across the bridge to the entrance.

We purchased two of the all day refill mugs, which I highly recommend. There are beverage fountains all over, and all of them include water, so refilling with your favorite drinks is easy and you definitely want to stay hydrated so that you can enjoy your full day!

My kids aren’t huge thrill seekers, but there were plenty of rides that they could go on and enjoy. If you’re in New England and are looking for a fun day trip, then definitely consider the Great Escape Six Flags! Plus, they have an amazing indoor water park for all year round at their Great Escape Lodge. And if you want to stay for more than a day, there is plenty to do in Lake George such as shopping the outlets.