Summer is upon us… along with summer boredom! I make my kids take breaks from screens throughout the day – literally, I turn off the WiFi and tell them to find something to do. Go outside, read a book, create a project. Something that uses their brain. One night during one such occasion, my son asked if we could make a craft project together… and you know my answer was yes! We decided to make something for his new room, so I opened my Cricut Design Space app on my phone and we found this really cool 3D Dragon Head. Affiliate links for your convenience.

DIY 3D Paper Dragon Head

We went into my craft room and he picked out the colors he wanted for his dragon head and we sent the file to my Cricut Maker. Once all of the pieces were cut, we set up at the kitchen table and my son put the whole thing together, with just a tiny bit of help from me! We recorded the process so that you can see how easy it is to make!

This is a super simply project and looks pretty cool! It’s a little smaller than we had anticipated, but fit perfectly amid the shelves in his room.

DIY 3D Paper Dragon Head

Just note if you want to make it, that you may want to make it a bit bigger so that it can stand alone on a wall.

If you have a Cricut and you want to make your own 3D Dragon Head, I’ve saved the Cricut Design Space file for you! Open the file, resize and recolor however you like and then send it to your Cricut machine.