Children’s Artwork is so whimsical and adorable and every mom, dad, grandma and grandpa love seeing their children’s creative minds at work. Take those sweet little drawings and turn them into a usable item for your home! What do I mean? DIY Children’s Artwork Gift Ideas! Transfer the artwork onto a cutting board or coasters and gift them to someone special! This is a fun project for you and your child to create together and the end result will be something both of you can be proud of. These make the perfect Mother’s or Father’s Day Gifts, don’t forget Grandma and Grandpa on either their birthdays or Grandparents Day!

DIY Children's Artwork Cutting Board TutorailDIY Children's Artwork Coasters TutorialDIY Children's Artwork Gift Ideas


Cork or Wood Coasters or other wood item such as a cutting board or kitchen spoon
Wood Burner
Child’s Drawing

Children's DIY Artwork Coasters TutorialDIRECTIONS:

Have your child draw a picture that will fit the size of your item.  Alternatively you can have the child draw directly onto the surface with pencil, which is what I did for the cork coasters, or you can scan in a larger drawing, resize and print to ensure a perfect fit.

DIY Child's Artwork Keepsake GiftRub chalk on the back of the drawing.

DIY Child's Artwork Keepsake GiftFlip the drawing over, chalk side down, onto the wood surface and pressing firmly, trace the child’s drawing. Once completed, remove the paper and you’ll see a faint chalk outline of the drawing.

DIY Child's Artwork Keepsake GiftDIY Child's Artwork Keepsake GiftUsing your warmed up Wood Burner and the general use tip, carefully trace over the chalk lines. Once completed, wipe off any left over chalk with a damp rag.

DIY Children's Artwork Keepsake Gift IdeasThat’s it! You’ve a useful AND beautiful keepsake! We paired the cutting board with a couple of loops and loom pot holders that my daughter made. She is so proud of the end result and can’t wait to gift it!

Originally seen on Crafts Unleashed.