I’ve been doing a lot of crafting in my dining room since moving into our new house at the end of August. I haven’t really set up my new craft room since we moved in, rather I just took everything from my old craft room and plunked it down into the new space. I’m ready to start working on my craft space to make it fit my needs, so I decided to start with a DIY Art Caddy – that way until my space is ready, I can still easily transport my most used craft supplies easily to and from my dining room. I love how organized this Art Caddy is, plus it it adorable to look at. I might just have to make one or two more!
DIY Art Caddy Tutorial

This is an incredibly easy and inexpensive project, so let’s get started!

Supplies: Contains affiliate links for your convenience

Three 16 oz Mason Jars
Wood and Chicken Wire Planter Box
Chalky Finish Paint
Paint Brush
Washi Tape
Baker’s Twine
Hot Glue

DIY Art Caddy TutorialDIY Art Caddy Tutorial


Prefer written directions? Read on:

Carefully paint the planter – inside and out, making sure not to get any paint on the chicken wire. I did two coats on mine. Set aside and let dry.

As your planter is drying, let’s make the washi tape bunting, to add a fun little decoration to our art caddy.

To create the bunting, cut a length of twine – I cut mine a little longer than the width of the planter. Cut a 2″ length of washi tape. Wrap the tape around the baker’s twine and adhere it to itself. using scissors, create the bunting shape you desire. Repeat until you have the correct length.

Washi Tape Bunting Tutorial

The last step is to adhere this fabulous little bunting to your DIY Art Caddy. I used hot glue and attached the baker’s twine to the caddy, and then hot glued a button over that.

DIY Art Caddy TutorialYour art caddy is done! All that is left is to add in three 16 oz mason jars, fill with your supplies and you’re ready to craft anywhere in your home!

DIY Art Caddy Tutorial

This post originally appeared on Crafts Unleashed, where I am a contributor.