I’m prepping for our Disney World vacation that is coming up in October… I KNOW I have two more months, I’m a planner, remember?  Anyway, our last trip to Disney when our oldest was 5 was FILLED with meeting all sorts of characters… as was our Honeymoon trip to vacation (seriously, my husband had never been… he was a kid in a candy store – best honeymoon EVER).  We purchased the Disney Autograph book and pen last time, but there really wasn’t a good way to add pictures and the book isn’t cheap.  I decided this time I would make each of my kids a book that they could bring with them and fill with all of their favorite characters signatures and when we got home we could fill it with pictures of them and said characters.
DIY Disney Autograph Books
Today I’m sharing how I created mine… for $2.60 each!
I started with index cards that I picked up at Staples.  The first two packs of 100 were $.50 each.  I bought two.  I also picked up some book rings – the smallest quantity they had was 16 for $4.49.  Lastly I grabbed three colored Sharpies for $.99 each. I created the covers on the computer and printed them out – they were sized to 3×5. You can also decorate the blank note card with scrapbook paper, pictures, stickers, markers, etc. Optional: I found a bunch of Disney Character images online, put them into a document and printed onto a full sheet label.
I divided the cards up – I used 6using 60 per book.  I then used my hole punch to punch two holes in the left hand side of the cards.  
I used my laminating machine to laminate the covers and then punched holes in those as well. Grab your book rings and assemble your books.
DIY Autograph Books
Embellish inside pages as desired, tie on your Sharpie and you’re done!
Take a peek at the back covers:
I love that these can be hung from the hook and they are surprisingly durable! I saw some note card boxes at Staples that I thought would be a great way to store these special keepsakes. I plan on printing 3×5 pictures of the kids and the characters onto card stock and then inserting them into the books next to the characters signatures.